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Hydrotherapy Pool Appeal


The Hydrotherapy Pool Appeal is a registered charity (charity no. 1016519) and every contribution in total goes towards the appeal fund. There are no hidden charges, wages or administration costs, and all fundraising assistance is done on a completely voluntary basis.

We are attempting to raise £320,000 for the building of the pool. To date we have raised over £230,000, but still have a long way to go before our target is reached.

In the building of the pool and in operating it once completed, best practice and health and safety are paramount.

The pool will cater for up to 60 children of all ages from 2 1/2 years up to 19 years within the area of North East Lincolnshire. All 60 pupils with profound and multiple disabilities will benefit from Hydrotherapy. Many of the other pupils with severe learning disabilities will benefit.
Imagine the relief these children must feel when given a brief respite from the stress that they are subjected to by their daily confinement. Consider the freedom, relief, and therapeutic value which a Hydrotherapy Pool would mean to their quality of life.

What is Hydrotherapy?
Hydrotherapy is the use of warm, deep water in a quiet environment for therapeutic effect:
* Alleviating the discomfort of physical impairment;
* Maintaining range of movement.

Physically disabled children are liable to lose muscle bulk, strength and flexibility through their inability to move independently; these children benefit from Hydrotherapy, as they are supported in the water and are able, with the assistance of adults, to move their limbs.
Physical activity on land may be hard for such children, but with the support of water and the assistance of adults they may be able to move their limbs; spontaneous movement in water is much more attainable.

Who will benefit from Hydrotherapy?
*Most children with physical impairment;
*Children with cerebral palsy;
*Children with Rett's Syndrome;
*Children with learning disabilities, in order to build confidence.

At Humberston Park School approximately fifty percent of the pupils have profound and multiple impairment and will benefit from Hydrotherapy. The children are transported to school every day from all areas of North Lincolnshire. We need to give each of these children access to the Hydrotherapy pool for approximately 20-30 minutes per day (every day) for the therapeutic value, confidence and quality of life that they desperately need.

As mentioned before, we have raised in excess of £230,000 through very generous donations and fundraising projects by organisations and individuals to whom we are eternally grateful.

Due to the nature of the pool users and the fact that this is a charity and not a commercial business, the users in the main cannot cover the total running costs. We are therefore appealing for any financial help towards the future running of the Hydrotherapy pool. We need to demonstrate that the Hydrotherapy Pool can successfully operate for the next 7 to 10 years and beyond, and in order to obtain National Lottery funding, evidence of future fundraising is required by the way of covenants from organisations, no matter how small or how long, to assist in demonstrating the future funding of the operation's cost.

Please do not disregard this appeal as just another begging letter. These individuals are too proud and independent to beg, but I will do so on their behalf due to the importance of their cause and the urgency of their needs.

Should you require any further information please contact:

Brian Marsh, Charity Chairman:
  01652 632172 (day)
  01472 697176 (evening)

Andy Zielinski, Head Teacher:
  01472 590645

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